Getting Started

Here are the basic steps for submitting your lists:

  1. 1Complete our information form.
  2. 2We will confirm with you delivery date and approximate pricing.
  3. 3While waiting to hear back from us, prepare your list. We recommend saving it as a plain text file with 1 address per line. Zip this file. If the zipped file is greater than 10 MB in size, then either upload to a secure FTP area and provide us with the download information when we contact you OR let us know you need to upload your file.
  4. 4Once you have accepted our pricing, you will provide us with your list. We will send you an invoice. Payment is due upon receipt and must be received prior to work being started.
  5. 5Upon completion of the checking and receipt of payment, we will provide you with our standard output – verified addresses, domain does not exist, addresses with invalid format/syntax, host not found, temporary issues (full mailbox etc) along with recommendations for cleanup.